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Are you looking for a road crossing game which is both fun and challenging? Then Crossy Road is the ultimate game that you are looking for.

In this new hyper-casual game, the player's aim is to help the man cross the roads safely. It may sound easy, but it's easier said than done. The player has to tackle various obstacles to help the man cross the road safely.

To name a few, the player has to keep an eye on the alligator which may appear in the water from time to time.

Apart from this, the player also has to keep an eye on the timer as they only get a limited time, to begin with. The player can pick up clocks to replenish their time and coins to increase their score.

Can you cross the roads safely while avoiding vehicles, alligators, and many more?


The controls are pretty simple and casual as the players can swipe anywhere on the screen to move the character.

➣ Swipe left to move towards left.

➣ Swipe right to move towards right.

➣ Swipe up to move forward.

➣ Swipe down to move backward.


Make sure to collect coins which are scattered around the world to increase your score. Player can also increase their score quickly by collecting the treasure chests.


➣ Various types of vehicles

➣ Alligators in the water

➣ Logs floating over the water


➣ Refreshing environment

➣ Choose from two different landscapes

➣ Forest landscape with refreshing environment

➣ City landscape with lively environment

➣ Two different characters to pick

➣ An endless and self generating world

➣ Different obstacles to tackle

➣ Different vehicles to avoid

➣ Different floating logs to help player stay above water

➣ Treasure chest and coins

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Adivteya Vijeta
Android 4.4+
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