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Climate change is the second most pressing issue that we face as humanity. The most pressing issue that we face is our inability to work together to identify the full extent of the environmental problems we are faced with and develop comprehensive solutions. ecin2edin will provide a multifaceted media platform that will concentrate the current fragmented environmental reporting into a visual, cohesive format and develop solutions through a collaboration network platform.To win the war for the environment, credible intel is needed in a format that is globally available, easily accessible and can be reported in a manner that unlocks relevant actions to achieve a state of sustainability.ecin2edin has, as its base, a free Mobile App that allows anyone and everyone to quickly report environmental crimes and degradation into a database and back-end that are set-up to extract relevant, credible intelligence reports for communities to take appropriate action and authorities and organisations to better manage the impact their activities are having on the environment.Currently, environmental crimes around the world are reported through a fragmented process of multiple layers of governmental and civil society channels with little or no coordination or resolution. Utilising the best of technology, ecin2edin will enable anyone, registered on the site, to report crimes into a platform that will have the ability to geo-reference, time/date stamp, provide a brief description and accept photographs of environmental crimes and degradation. Each incident will receive a unique ID Number and a process of corroboration will be undertaken through a number of filters which will result in verifiable and usable intelligence. This intel will be forwarded to the relevant authority where responses can be monitored and tracked.This quick-to-use App has multiple applications which all enhance environmental collaboration across sectors, namely; visual representation of the nature and extent of the environmental problems, case reporting and management, improvement to environmental management and compliance monitoring.The scope to utilise this intelligence is enormous and not limited to the following; collated reports can be sent to relevant Municipal departments for action, NGOs in less resourced communities can develop activities around the verified intelligence, lending institutions and insurers will be able to gather much needed intelligence on client environmental impacts and, having registered users, will enable a feedback system for ecin2edin to source specific intelligence in defined geographic areas.Millions of concerned individuals and environmental groups try in vain to make a fundamental, relevant difference; ecin2edin provides a unique opportunity for them to, within their everyday activities, easily provide information to an entity that will be greater than the sum of its parts. An Environmental Crime Intelligence Network is desperately needed; especially as the extent of environmental degradation increases exponentially.“I am the problem – I am the solution”If you identify with the above statement, download ecin2edin today and become part of the solution.Welcome!

Android 2.3.4+
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