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Highway Rider: Extreme Traffic Rush

This motorcycle racing game is an exciting and fun game. Driving a motorcycle on the freeway, challenging the busy traffic and enjoying the speed of the stimulus.

You accelerate to the limit, skilled to avoid cars and trucks. Complete all kinds of thrilling action! This is a perfect motorcycle racing game. He is realistic, he combines the laws of physics and the rapidity of adrenaline. Driving a motorcycle to enjoy a real road experience on a busy motorway. Upgrade and modify your motorcycle, speed up your speed and win.

When you drive a motorcycle through a variety of scenic roads while enjoying the real motorcycle physics and fast-paced game. This motorcycle racing game has a complete career model that raises the style of an endless racing car to a whole new level, the motorcycle racing game is easy to get started, but also hard to master, which will make you addictive to play a few hour.

Driving a motorcycle, avoiding traffic vehicles, and raising the speed to the limit. You can drive on a two-way or one-way road. At high speed to avoid traffic, you can get cash and use cash to buy other better, faster motorcycles.

Beautiful 3D graphics, lifelike scenes and motorcycles, addiction and crazy games, extremely smooth tilt control, the best racing motor with a variety of styles, as well as awesome vivid sounds that will give you a real motorcycle Racing game feeling!

Highway Rider: Extreme Traffic Rush Features:

- Realistic 3D HD quality

- Real motorcycle sound effects

- Simple and smooth control

- Realistic scenes and environment

- Customize your own motorcycle

- Many challenging tasks

- Play anytime, anywhere


Android 5.0+
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