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Ice cream jump games is among this season’s most popular skill games and action games!. Help it's jump to goal and don't forget! collect coins / fruits and gift. You can touch for control it's jump adventure in game. Expert at jump on the balls in an environment of amusement park, seeking to do the greatest possible number of points by collecting fruits / coins along the way. Ice cream games follows very similar to Tiki Towers, plot you should do combos collecting items like fruits and gifts while jumping for balls, use gravity to your advantage to collect all items.Feature of happy jump games* Lovely graphics action jump.* Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to get the highest score for jumper games.* Collect coins / fruits and gift for big points.* Challenge your friends and beat their record!* Online worldwide leaderboards with Feint!* Support both tablets and phones.* Minimum permissions required.* Full screen when running & happy jump games.How to Play:1- Left click jump between wheels.2- Shoot fruits and chests.3- Score as high as you can.There is a puzzle games free kids named Noz Alam playing at the park. it's wants to jump across from one big balloon to next one and want to pick all fruits / coins from garden. You can help it's to have some funny time jumping around. To play just Tap the screen to jump and try to collect fruits / coins. The more fruits / coins you collect, the points you get.This is an easy jumping games. it's free and optimized for all android devices. Puzzles games free supports both mobile phones and tablets.Are you ready for a real Ice Cream Jump? Great fun to play with friends and family! Who can make the highest score in running games?

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