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【Software introduction】

"Smart diagnosis" is a mobile service component that Huawei has carefully built for users. "Smart diagnosis" is invisible on the desktop. Please experience it in the "Troubleshooting" section of the "Services" application.

"Smart diagnosis" can quickly and conveniently detect the faulty software and hardware of the mobile phone locally or remotely through professional detection means, and escort the health status of Huawei mobile phones anytime and anywhere.


1.Troubleshooting: Supports detection of mobile system performance, call and mobile networks, charging and power, and health status of related hardware modules.

2.Diagnostic analysis: Support the Huawei hotline to contact customer service personnel for remote detection or fault repair.

3.Smart notification: Support mobile phone use abnormal notifications and provide complete solutions.

-Support Android 8.0 and above;

Huawei Internet Service
Android 7.0+
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