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Sniper 3D is the new FPS game, And your role in this game is a Sniper Commando. You have taken up the mission of eliminating culprits and bad guys from the society. Government has assigned you on the special mission.You are a killing machine, and all the bad guys and mafia people. These culprits are planing to damage society by killing innocents and also doing many illegal activities.Government has assigned you the special mission and you are licensed to kill the wrong guys. Read the instructions carefully and avoid killing innocents.How To Play:* Zoom and Aim* Shoot to Kill* Avoid Killing innocents* Keep an eye on health#SniperGames#SniperShootingGames#OfflineSniperShooting#ModernTargetShootingGame#ShootingGames#FiringGames#GunShootingGames

SKMK Games
Android 2.3.2+
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